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Presentable employee clothing, clean fabrics and their maintenance are essential for every successful client-facing business. The laundry service Skalbykla24 washes, dries and irons workwear, bed linen, towels, tablecloths, and other daily-use fabrics.

Aims and objectives

The project aimed to result in a simple, clean, and transparent website targeted at the B2B sector. We were also given an exciting challenge to develop an enquiry form that would allow our client to distinguish large companies from small ones.

About the project

The design is light, and no dark colours were used because Skalbykla24 is a company that cares about cleanliness. All the content you are looking for on the website can be accessed with a click of a button. We created a personalised contact form that features short questionnaires allowing the company to identify their customer’s business area, needs, laundry quantity, etc. Before contacting a potential customer, the company already has the essential information needed for further conversation.

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Skalbykla24 gallery photo
Skalbykla24 gallery photo
Skalbykla24 gallery photo
Skalbykla24 gallery photo
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