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About the client

Patient Management System at the dental clinic

Our client is a well-known dental clinic in Klaipėda. The clinic provides all dental services, including non-standard surgeries and long-term treatment. The client’s team consists of the highest-level specialists who offer professional and caring help.

Aims and objectives

The solutions currently available on the market are too template-based and are not always suitable for individual needs. Therefore, the head of the clinic set us to automate the processes of this medical institution as much as possible by creating an internal ERP patient and company management system.

About the project

The project started with the needs assessment and a detailed specification. We designed the architecture of the whole system to allow for easy future expansion of functionality. We implemented an automated appointment booking process, an interactive timetable, SMS reminders with call-back, a calling function directly from the platform, medical histories, an internal peer-to-peer communication system, a reminder function, a calendar occupancy function, and a few other customised solutions.

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